Othello Death Match


osero . desumacchi
Chapter Information
Release Date January 18th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 43
Volume Desperately
Chapter Guide
The Opponents I Must Defeat
Trading Pieces
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Othello Death Match (オセロ・デスマッチ osero . desumacchi) is the forty-third chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Faust explains his magic Monochrome Heart. He tell them if you are caught in between two dead bodies you die, and if you are caught in between sand you become sand. He also tells them that as long as they are on the board he summoned, they can use Monohrome heart too. He then tells them the rules of the Othello Death Match.

Joshua fires a blast and yells why he should fight them. Faust reveal that the skeletons are livng being the he turned into skeletons. Emma tells Shion to do it, cause they have to save the people. She then ask everyone to help. Which Juubee, Ayame, and Rosetta agree to. Emma then asks Joshua, which she insults her but agrees to help. The match then begins.

Ain enchances the skeletons under her control, making then grow bigger. The skeleton then attack the group causing them to split up. When Juubee was almost caught Emma saves him but gets turned into a skeleton herself. Shion tries to turn her back but get caught. Joshua then saves him and helps turn Emma back. SHion and Joshua then tell Faust that the game will be over soon.

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