Phoenix Mage Melchior

Magico 17

風術師• メルキオール
Fūjutsushi Merukiōru
Chapter Information
Release Date June 28th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 17
Volume Meteor Shower
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Three of Perpetual Darkness
Balthazar of the Devil's Ice
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Phoenix Mage Melchior (風術師• メルキオール ''Fūjutsushi Merukiōru)' is the seventeenth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Gaspar smashes the ground and says that the one who survives, will have their wish granted. Then tells Shion that if they want to find their location, they should follow the Familiar Zaki.

As Shion and co., follow behind Zaki into Magi's hideout, Abyss of the Black King, Shion halts in a large open room where Zaki has prepared a trap where lion heads shoots beam towardds them. But Shion quickly casts a powerful shield which protects both Emma, Luu, and Anise from harm. While the three brothers watch from the distance, confirming that Shion did indeed brought the real Echidna. Meanwhile, Emma notices Luu trembling, as she has felt it with her wild instinct the enormous magical powers the brothers possessed.

Balthazar, who possess a cold blooded power capable of freezing everything, Melchior with a violent power aching for destruction, and Gaspar with a nefariously maddening power.

For the first opponent, Melchior steps forward and casts Phoenix Dragon Magic: Thrust as soon as the battle begins. Shion uses his broom to block most of the attack, still gets wounded from the magic. As Luu tries to help, she is pushed back by the barrier Shion had cast. Watching this, Melchior realize that Shion can only make one of these barriers and it doesn't allow anything in or out so it cannot be used on yourself. Confident that his power is superior, he brings out the wounded soldier he took while gathering the garments and piles them near Shion. As Melchior calls a checkmate, he casts his ultimate technique, Hellwind of a Thousand Dragons threatning if Shion dodges, the soldiers will die. With no chioce, Shion uses his broom to move to soldiers from harms way, while he takes on the full force of the magic. The technique shreds Shions flesh, where Emma watches in horror. While Luu bashes the barrier in dismay, Anise questions how Melchior values humanlife. In response, although Melchior knows human life is precious, those were just some trashes. But soon notices that Shion is still standing and controlling the wind created by him. As Shion dashes towards Melchior with the tornado from Broom Star, he manages to knock out Melchior in one hit, claiming his first victory. While Anise is worried about Shion's injury from one opponent.