Character Data
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Rank Unknown
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 50

Character OutlineEdit

Pirza was a powerful mage and the creator of the Dark 7 Series.


Pirza was a really cruel and sadistic man that loved to see the despair and fear in the faces of the people that he get killed inside his magical park.


Dark 7 Series ArcEdit

Pirza was a powerful mage that collected a lot of rare magical items and in order to prevent anybody to take his treasures he created both the Dark 7 Series, 7 box that contain a magical park where his treasure are keept and six powerful golems as the mascot of the park that will kill everybody search the treasures. In reality Pirza used all the treasures as a bait to lure peoples in the magical park and see them killed by his golems only to satisfy his sadism, so the golems seeing that killing intruders make their creator happy they continued to do it countless time. After his death people continued to enter the magical park only to get killed by the golems, so the Dark 7 Series was nicknamed the "The Coffin of the Adventurers".

Magic & AbilitesEdit

Pirza was a really powerful mage being able to create Dark 7 Series magical park and very fearsome golems.

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