(ぴよこ, Piyoko)

Character Data
Gender Female
Status Alive
Team Pirza's Golems
Magician Rank Green Magician Green Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 55

Character OutlineEdit

Piyoko (ぴよこPiyoko) is the mascot who controls the Ghost Castle.


Piyoko thinks that her monsters are cute and the strongest. She is also proud of how many people they have killed.


Piyoko is a girl with shoulder length black hair. She also appears to be wearing a chicken suit.


Dark 7 Series ArcEdit

Piyoko first appeared after Raven defeated Golem. After Shion and the others enter the Ghost Castle, she is complimented on making great ghosts. She agrees and calls them the strongest. She then starts to explain each of them and how many they killed. She then has her monsters attack them. She is shock when they easily beat her monster and starts crying.

Magic & AbilitesEdit

Piyoko is one of the golems created by the magician Pirza. She uses a remote control to control the monster within the Ghost Castle.


  • Fells Tiarra-shan: A reaper that has killed around 580 people. It is defeated by Raven.
  • Lowry-kun: A zombie whose ectoplasm melts bone and hearts and killed around 700 people. It is defeated by Luu.
  • The White Boys: Vampiric ghosts that have killed around 1000 people. They are defeated by Shion.

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