Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank Unknown
Magician Rank Green Magician Green Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 24

Character OutlineEdit

Podrov is the husband of Yulia. He is also a contestant of the Best Couple Contest.


Podrov is a calm person. When he gets excited he goes into a uproar.


Podrov has a large mustache. He wears a hat and has hair coming out the sides like flames. He wears a military outfit just like his wife. Podrov also has a large build.


Best Couple Contest ArcEdit

Podrov first appeared along with his wife before the tournament started. He was able to carry Yulia to the finish line in the first contest, answer all questions correctly in the second and Yulia was able to save him from being blown up in the third, making the couple finalists. When they entered the castle, they were seperated from the other contestants, but were able to find Shion and Emma quickly aong with Juubee and Ayame. When Shion started to attack everyone. Yulia tells him that they have to retreat, but Podrov gets excited by the adrenaline created in the heat of battle and activates his magic. He easily gets beat by Shion. Yulia grabs him and gets taken away. Podrov and Yulia get taken by Latvia. He, along with his wife, get killed and being held by their heads by Latvia, who reveals himself as Faust. His head was used along with his wifes head to knock out Juubee using Faust's kill-and-revive magic. After Shion defeats Faust, Podrov and his wife are revived.

Magic and AbilityEdit

Podrov has a wand that he uses to summon his magic armor.

Magic Armor:By chanting the user can summon armor to wear.

  • Death Mail: Also known as the body of steel. The summons a armor of steel.

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