Chapter 58

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Release Date May 9th, 2012
Arc Dark 7 Series Arc
Chapter 58
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Present (現在 genzai) is the fifty-eighth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Emma is trapped inside of a ferris wheel, asking Mr. Cat to be let out. Mr. Cat tell her that he can't let her go and changes her outfit. He tells Emma that she looks good and changes her outfits some more and getting a nose bleed. Mr. Cat then plans to changes her outfit and make her dance. Emma then apologizes to him and thanks him for letting her wear cute clothes. Mr. Cat then thinks that she is an innocent girl and wonders if its okay to make her dance.

Luu is fighting Grandpa on the roller coaster. Grandpa then activates his magic and attacks Luu with 50 hits to her stomach. He then notices that Luu blocked them. luu syas that he is fast and that she only got in 5 hits. Grandpa tthinks that she as able to see through his speed. Luu then says that she will fight her best and that hunting is super fun. Bunny tells Raven to look at her naked breasts but he tells her to put some clothes on.

Rabbit creates an orb that pulls Shion to him. He then punches Shion and then poses. Shion then tells him that he blocked it. He then gets mad and poses to make Shion laugh. Rabbit then poses again which causes Shion to attack hi wth Broom Star. Rabbit then sends the attack back at Shion and sends him flying. Shion then meets up with Ain. He asks who she is and she says that she is Faust's wife. Shion then leaves but Ain stops him and tells him about the mascots and that he can't beat them. Shion then explains that they have to complete the rides for Magico. Ain then hands him the Ring of Orihalcon and says that its a present from Faust to help him. In Luu's fight, she activates her 100 combo, while Shion rushes back to fight Rabbit.

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