Magico 26

Chapter Information
Release Date September 11th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 26
Volume With All One's Heart
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Q&A is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


The news of Shion finishing first place for the Ritual of Carrying Your Bride has quickly spread. Causing many of the spectators to be wary, wondering if it's talking about the ultra dangerous criminal, Shion. But after seeing panicking Shion, everyone's waryness disappears.

Not long after, the stage rumbles and reveils their next contest, Ritual of Couples Q&A. They then reveal what is going to happen during this ritual. Then the first question is asked which all but Shion and Emma get it and they get shocked for it. Later on Shion and Emma are dead last. Shion worries that if they don't get some answers right next they will be eliminated and can't complete magico. Emma then receives a comment from the women next to her that if the couple doesn't know anything, then their relationship will end.

Then the next question is "What is your wifes BWH?" They all looked shocked. Shion gets a nose bleed from thinking about it. Juubee then answers it but gets it wrong and yells at his wife for exaggerating her numbers. Rosetta then gets up and undresses herself so that Joshua can answer it correctly which he does. Another Contestant then wonders who they are. Emma then does the same thing and says that they will try harder from now on. Shion then wraps Emma up with his broom and says he'll kill anyone who saw her. He then measures her with his broom and answers correctly. Then the announcer says that it's time for the super hard question worth 300 points.