Reverse Broom Magic


Black Mage Abilities
Magic Various
Users Shion Elpihas Levi
Manga Debut Chapter 46

Reverse Broom Magic (逆箒魔法 Gyaku Hōki Mahō) is a type of magic that summon different brooms with different effects.


To obtain this magic, the user must offer up his happy memories.


The user can summon different brooms with different effects.


  • Halley, the first Broom: This broom can shoot a long-tailed ray of light.
  • Enke, the second Broom: This broom can move at great speed and can even circle the world. This broom can also be used as a cannon by pointing the straw end at the opponent.
  • Biela, the third Broom
  • Fey, the fourth Broom: This broom erects a barrier and heals those entwined within its fibers.
  • Brorsen, the fifth Broom
  • d'Arrest, the sixth Broom
  • Pons-Winnecke, the seventh Broom
  • Tuttle, the eighth Broom
  • Tempel 1, the ninth Broom
  • Tempel 2, the tenth Broom
  • Tempel-Swift-LINEAR, the eleventh Broom
  • Pons-Brooks, the twelveth Broom
  • Olbers, the thirteenth Broom
  • Volf, the fourteenth Broom: This broom is directly connected to Shion's heart. The more intense his heart beats the more powerful the broom becomes.
  • Finlay, the fifteenth Broom
  • Brooks 2, the sixteenth Broom
  • Holmes, the seventeenth Broom
  • Perrine-Mrkos, the eighteenth Broom
  • Borrelly, the ninteenth Broom
  • Westphal, the twentieth Broom: This broom has thousands of blades as it's bristles.
  • Giacobini-Zinner, the twentyfirst Broom
  • Kopff, the twentysecond Broom
  • Brorsen-Metcalf, the twentythird Broom
  • Schaumasse, the twentyfourth Broom
  • Neujmin 2, the twentyfifth Broom
  • Grigg-Skjellerup, the twentysixth Broom
    • Halley, the 1st Broom
    • Enke, The 2nd Broom
    • Fey, The 4th Broom
    • Volf, The 14th Broom
    • Westphal, The 20th Broom
    • Crimson, The 27th Broom
  • Crimson, the twentyseventh Broom: This broom has an incredibly strong adhesive that won't let you go once you touch it.

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