Ritual Information
Type Initiation
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Rituals (儀式 Gishiki) are tasks one must accomplish to obtain magic, born through the efforts of mankind trying to wield the power of the universe. It is said that for one to have the power to command fire, one must undergo the ritual of self-immolation, for one to conjure food with mere thoughts, one must undergo the ritual of fasting. It was also stated that with the powers of the Echidna, one can make everyone use magic without performing rituals.

Types of RitualsEdit

Essentially, rituals can be divided into two types: Gathering and Initiation.

  • Gathering. Most of the time, in order to gain the ingredients necessary for the ritual, one must face dangers hunting for magical beasts or venturing into unexplored regions.
  • Initiation. To obtain magic through one's actions and conduct, one must place the collected ingredients as an offering, and endure hardships such as fasting or waterfall meditation.

Known RitualsEdit