editRitual for Two

Chapter 1

(ふたりの儀式, Futari no Gishiki)

Arc Family Arc
Chapter 1
Volume Ceremony of Fate
Release Date February 28th, 2011
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Next Chapter Oath to One Another
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Ritual for Two (ふたりの儀式, Futari no Gishiki) is chapter 1 of the Magico manga.


A 16-year old girl named Emma finally arrives at Hawk Eye, a city full of magic, which she is glad to arrive at. She then noticed that multiply people start to flirt with her, which leads her to forcing a marriage with the King of Hawk Eye. A boy named Shion barged in and came to rescue Emma and brings her inside his dragon named Sieg. Later the old sage woman tells the king that he was under a curse from Emma named Echidna and explains what it is to him. Shion brought Emma to his place and changed Emma's close. After that Shion prepared some dinner for Emma, he introduce himself to her, which his cat Anise tells him that he is one of Eaglyas's Sages of the West, but Emma didn't listen at all to what the two said. Later Shion explains about what has happened to Emma in Hawk Eye, later Shion tells her to run or hide, but later he tells her that there is a ritual to undo the Echidna's curse and proposes to her. Unfortunately, Emma rejects Shion, which she later falls asleep. Shion has a flashback about what happened when he met Emma. Emma wakes up as the Echidna, which Shion battles it. After the battle with the Echidna, Emma accepts Shion's proposal and is ready to battle the Echidna.