(ロロロロ, Roro-Roro)

Character Data
Gender Female
Status Active
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 24

Character OutlineEdit

Roro-Roro (ロロロロ, Roro-Roro) is the wife of Neru-Neru. She is a contestant in the Best Couple Contest and the runner up of previous one.


Roro-Roro appears to be a cheerful woman as she is always seen smiling. She also appears to be very loyal to her husband, as she had no objections to his plan of mentally assaulting Joshua and Rosetta.


Roro-Roro's appearance is very similar, almost indentical to her husband: Neru-Neru's. She is small in stature with long, wavy white hair and a lot of wrinkles. She wears the same outfit as her husband: a pointed hat, robes, dark shoes and a light coloured scarf with darker stripes. Although, she does have some noticeable differences with her husband, her glasses aren't as large as his and her nose is more pointed.


Roro-Roro and her husband participated in the previous Best Couple Contest 50 years ago and came in second place.


Best Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

When Roro-Roro first appeared, she was trying to calm down Alice and telling her that secret to longevity is to not worked up over the small things. When the tournament begins she drinks a magic potion that makes her one hundred times heavier, but her husband uses his magic to create balloons to carry her across the finish line; finishing in third place, behind Shion and Emma and Juubee and Ayame.

Both her and her husband passed the second ritual competition which was a "Couples Q&A". They then proceeded to the next round.

During the intermission Roro-Roro and her husband met with Jute and Leisha to plan to use foul play in order to beat Rosetta and Joshua. The elderly couple then reveal Rosetta's past and Neru-Neru is then attacked by Shion. When Shion left, Jute tells him that he won't do it while Roro-Roro tends to her beaten up husband. Later during the third ritual he is turned into a bomb like the rest of the contending husbands. Roro-Roro was unable to obtain an Undine tear in order to extinguish the bomb's flame, thus failing the task.

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