editSages of the West

The Three Sages

Three Sages of the West (西方三賢者, Seihō San Sya)

Members Shion Elpihas Levi
Zodia Sink


Magician Rank Black Magician
Red Magician
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Sages of the West (西方三賢者, Seihō San Sya; Literally meaning "The Three Sage of the West") are the three strongest magicians of the Magico series. They're worldwide recognized by their different kind of strength of magic and has fearsome or noble some titles. They got also trusted side-kicks which helps them to gather information for a magical ritual or protecting them in the most hardest battles. There are currently three magicians known that are holding the title.

The Three Mages and Their Respective TitlesEdit

Each member of the Sages of the West, have a title where people can remember them throughout. Shion has been called the "Great Criminal of Ages" according to Marouni Gate's fearsome reputation, and Zodia has been known as the "Emperor of the Crimson Sky" due to his powerful air force magic and his strength of sky attacks. The currently known members are:

  • Shion Eliphas Levi: currently known as the Great Criminal of Ages (大犯罪者, Dai Hanzai Sya), sentenced with 8921 years in prison. He is currently the only mage classified as the "Black Magician" of the three magicians. He is also currently known as a "S" ranked magician that knows various kinds of techniques through his Broom Magic. He has gathered information about Magico Ritual and his search for the Echidna (Emma) and to cure her from the decease. He has also many foes that are trying to get payback or want to get Emma knowing through Marouni's network. His partner is currently Anise, a black female talking cat that helps Shion most of the time, she has a great knowledge in various kinds of things and is a great supporter of Shion and Emma.
  • Zodia Sink: currently known as the Emperor of the Crimson Sky (緋空の皇帝, Hikū no Kōtei) and the Immovable Number One that is currently classified as the "Red Magician". His partner is Garnett also classified as a "Red Magician" and a loyal servant to Zodia.
  • Raven: is the current and youngest Head Master of Ecnovious School of Rituals. He is also an old friend of Shion.


  • Raven is the only one of the three sages to not have a last name.