Schneider san

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank Unknown
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 53

Charater OutlineEdit

Schneider is a student of the Ecnovoius School of Rituals and the apprentice of Raven.


Schneider is a strong-willed and determined person. At Ecnovious he is famous for his adages that by the other students of the academy are considered nothing more than wise-cracks but that always touch Raven's heart giving him courage.


Schneider has short light colored hair. He wears a big dark magician's hat that cover also his fore head and walks with a little grass on the mouth.


Dark 7 Series ArcEdit

When Raven was originally deciding to not going to confess his love to Emma Schneider appears and punch Raven with strength calling him an idiot. He then starts one of his famous adages saying that even if the goal is far and difficult some things can be accomplished by those who actually try. The other students of the academy remain indifferent but much for their shock Schneider's words have convinced Raven to propose to Emma giving him courage.


  • Despite being he the student and Raven the teacher, paradoxically is Schneider that gives advices to Raven.

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