editShion Elpihas Levi


(シオン エリファス レビィ, Shion Erifas Rebii)

Character Data
Title One of The Sages of the West
The Great Criminal of Ages (大犯罪者, Dai Hanzai Sya)
Gender Male
Status Active
Team Sages of the West
Rank S
Magician Rank Black Magician Black Magician
Voice Actors
Seiyū Park Romi (VOMIC)
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Shion Elpihas Levi (シオン エリファス レビィ, Shion Erifas Rebii) is the main character of the Magico series.




Plot Overview

Family Arc

Main article: Family Arc Shion came to save Emma from the King of Hawk Eye and took her to his place. He introduce himself to her and later explained about the strange things that happened when Emma arrived in Hawk Eye. He then later propose to Emma, which he got rejected, later when he battled the Echidna, he got accepted by Emma.

Echidna Battle Arc

Main article: Echidna Battle Arc

Best Couple Contest Arc

Main article: Best Couple Contest Arc




Main article: Emma


Main article: Luu


Main article: Anise

Other Characters


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