Sieg's first

Character Information
Rōmaji Name Jīku
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Status Alive
Family Shion
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Character OutlineEdit

Sieg (ジーク Jīku) is a holy dragon who lives with Shion. Shion has raised him since he was an egg. He's the main transporter of Shion and his major item to find the items to complete the wedding ceremony of Magico.


He is the dragon of Shion, and is a green color. He is always shown wearing black sunglasses. He is then main form of transportation in the series. He also has orange spikes running down along his back. Inside his body are rooms and houses for the other characters to live in.


Family ArcEdit

He has been seen barged in the castle to safe Emma from the king who tries to marry her. He then transport Emma and Shion to Lord Marouni Gate's castle. Many times later, he has been attacked by Luu and almost faced his death. He was seen crying after that Luu had bitten his tail. He then transports them to Fool's Town when Shion has an important meeting with Grandpa Garlan.

Echidna Battle ArcEdit

Later when the Echidna starts to go on a rampage, he flies them to the town where the Praline's Blessing is. Later he flies over to the hideout of Magi.

Best Couple Contest ArcEdit

Sieg shows up during the contest, eating Shion and everyone else. Shion shows Juubee, Ayame, Musashi, and Oni that their is a field and house within Sieg. It is then revealed that Sieg is a Holy Dragon and he might be the last of his kind. Later Sieg is shown eating a bone by El Dorado, while everyone is partying.

Magic & AbilityEdit

Sieg is a holy dragon who lives with Shion. It has the ability of flight and has a strong body covered with scales.

Holy Power - Sieg is a holy dragon, which are said to be extinct, and therefore it can nullify strong curses if someone enters his body.


Shion Elpihas LeviEdit

He's extremely loyal to Shion because he was raised by him from the beginning. Shion accept him one of the family and one that is loyal to him. Sieg is also one of Shion's precious.