Special ~Spring~

Spring Special

特殊 ばね
tokushu bane
Chapter Information
Release Date May 5th, 2012
Chapter 56.5
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Special ~Spring~ is the fourth side-story of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto. It appeared in the spring edition of Jump next. It also in the form of a 4-koma style manga.


Anything Over FlowersEdit

Juubee tells Shion, Emma, Anise, and Luu that they would always admire the flowers to celebrate spring. He then asks them if the Sakura Blossoms are beautiful. But Emma just like the dangos over the blossoms. Luu like the meat over the blossoms. and Shion likes Emma over the blossoms. Juubee then gets depressed while Anise tells him that he knew that this would happen.

Ain in SpringEdit

Faust ask Ain what she is doing. She tells him that she is picking flowers. He asks her again and she tells him taht she is making oshibana. He then asks what is she going to do with them. She says that she is going to sell them and make money. He then tells her that she is just like a housewife. Ain then feeds Faust some vegetable Tempura which he thinks is good. Ain then tells him that he can pay her 100,000 later. Someone then says that they make a nice couple.

Sakura ColoredEdit

Emma notices that their is a sakura petal on Shion's head. Anise says that its almost like a date and that they should flirt some more, which shock and embarresses them both. Luu then says that their faces are the same color at the sakura and asks how they did it, which causes Anise to laugh.

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