Splendid Couple


migoto na kappuru
Chapter Information
Release Date December 7th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 39
Volume Desperately
Chapter Guide
Summoning the Demon God
A Place to Return To
List of Magico Chapters

Splendid Couple (見事なカップル migoto na kappuru) is the thirty-ninth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


After taking control of everyone, Oni causes them to dances. Caph comments on the magi, says that Sephirot didn't know about it. Ain tells him thats what makes magic so fun. While one of Caph's assistants asks why they are calm. Luu laughs at Musashi for his wierd pose. Musashi tells her to shut up and she is doing it too. Juubee yells how blessed he is for being controlled.

Shion then takes off his ring. Oni then tells Shion that he took his ring and that their is no escape from his magic. But Emma couldn't take off her ring because of Kran. When the Echidna activates, it sets Emma free. Shion thinks because he took his ring off, it caused the Echidna power to grow. Oni then picks up a rock. Then everyone picks up an object, ausing Emma to freak. After Shion tries to break free, Oni explain how his magic works. Then Oni and everyone in the audiance throws their objects. Anise calls Emma over causing her to dodge the objects. Anise, then tells Emma how to counter the magi. When Emma ask how to do it, Anise tells her to make babies with Shion, shocking everyone. Anise then tells Emma how to do it, with Emma saying that it is embarrassing. When Emma says she'll do it, it causes everyone to be shocked. Emma then kisses Shion for a long time. Shion then breaks out of Oni's control and gets a nose-bleed. Shion then starts to fly all over the place. Oni tries to takes control of Shion again. Shion then images It being kissed by Emma again, which causes him to cut Oni's horns off and defeat him.

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