editStrange Rabbit Junior


Strange Rabbit Jr.

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 54

Character OutlineEdit

Strange Rabbit Junior is one of the mascot of the Dark 7 Series magical park. He is also responsible for making sure that sneaky thieves who come to steal the treasure never wake up again.


Strange Rabbit Junior is a being that is willing to kill anybody to tries to sneak into the amusement park. He also likes to see the despair and fear in the faces of the people that he kills.


Strange Rabbit Junior is a humanoid rabbit with a large head and a skinny body. He has sharp teeth, crazy like eyes, a lite colored nose, and long rabbit ear on his head. He wear overalls with white shoes and gloves. He also wears a bowtie and has two buttons underneath the tie.


Dark 7 Series ArcEdit

Strange Rabbit Junior first appeared telling Shion and the others that they would be arriving at the magical park soon. He also tells them that instead of tickets, he will be taking their lives. When Raven tells him that its lesson time, he tells Raven to not kid with him and that he has a job to do. He tells them that he has to make sure that sneaky theives who come to steal the treasure never wake up again. After Raven activates his magic, Strange Rabbit Junior attaks him anf tells him that he is immortal. He also says that he is the mascot of this park. Raven dodges his attack and fuses his ears to the floor. Strange Rabbit Junior then removes his head attacks Raven, but gets countered by a 100 punches. Raven then blows the wall off, and tells him that he is next. Strange Rabbit Junior becomes scaried and starts to apologizes. He then rips his ears off and and attack Raven. Strange Rabbit Junior then grabs Raven's head tells him that he'll make him show him the fear and despair in his face like all the others. He then sees Raven's face and becomes frightened. Raven then tells him that he plans to divide him into 10,000 pieces. Strange Rabbit Junior then realizes that he is different from the others and tries to stop but ends up into 10,000 pieces. Later after his defeat, 5 mysterious individuals call him weak for losing.

Magic & AbilitesEdit

Strange Rabbit Junior being a golem is nearly immortal. He is also able to remove his head and can even regrow any part that is ripped off.

  • Rapid Lance: Strange Rabbit Junior extends his ear to pierce his opponent.

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