Summoning the Demon God


de^mon kami wo yobidasu koto
de^mon kami wo yobidasu koto
Chapter Information
Release Date November 30th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 38
Volume Desperately
Chapter Guide
To the End of a Thousand Words
Splendid Couple
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Summoning the Demon God!! (デーモン神を呼び出すこと de^mon kami wo yobidasu koto) is the thirty-eighth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Oni summoned through a black hole and lapping of little girls in kimonos. Oni then comes out, with the appearance of an old man. Juubee and Ayame bow their head, while Oni compliments on how they have grown up. Luu calls Oni weak, while Musashi tells her not to underestimate him. Oni then says that he shall start by killing Shion and Emma.

Oni then tells him that he will mete out divine retribution to anyone who begrudged the moon night clan. He then says Juubee what they did. Juubee says that they did nothing. Juubee then says that they need his strength to get their wedding rings. Oni says that their are a couple. He then asks if they have made babies. Shion yells at him, while Emma asks Shion how babies are made, cause she never found out from her books. Oni tells Juubee that he can't kill them with no good reason. Juubee tells him that by obtaining their rings they will be one step closer to the wish of their clan.

Oni comments on Juubee and tells Shion and Emma that he is sorry but he has to get their ring even if it means tearing their limbs off. Juubee tells Oni to use their oni and then gets shocked by lightning. Oni then becomes younger. Lightning then comes out of the castle going everywhere. Oni then wonders if the rings got blown away too. Shion then hits him with Broom Star, but he easily deflects it. They then comment about each other. Shion then asks if he is some kind of demon lord of elemental. Oni tells him that he is not far off the mark. He continues to tell him that he was created by the moon night clan ancestor Ura Okina. He also tells him that he is a demon god and guardian of the clan. He also says the they call their souls oni and that the lightnig is their souls in another form. He then uses Demon's curse: lightnign Supreme on Shion. He tells Shion that he can take control of ones body with this and their is only one flaw. He says that it is too powerful and it will take control of all living things in a 10 km radius.

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