The Amusement Park of Fear

Chapter 56

osore no yuuenchi
Chapter Information
Release Date April 18th, 2012
Arc Dark 7 Series Arc
Chapter 56
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17th Period
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The Amusement Park of Fear (恐れの遊園地osore no yuuenchi) is the fifty-sixth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


After the train ride, Luu tries to get Raven to snap again. A rabbit with a hammer comes out of a wall and hits Raven. Shion catches the rabbit and Emma asks if he is okay. Raven tells them that he is okay and that they got a stamp for completing the first attraction. He then starts cheering for getting the stamp and for being praised by Emma. They then asks him what the stamps mean. He tells them that in order to get the treasure, they have to complete a ritual and to complete the ritual they have to collect stamps. He then shows them what treasure they can get. Anise thinks why an amusement park and that they don't need this kind of ritual to protect treasure.

Raven then tells them that what they want is the Triple Phoenix and that they need all the stamps. It the explain what the Triple Phoenix is. Shion says that its an item needed for Magico. Raven explain that you wrap it around both bodies and hug for two day. Emma then starts to image what they have to for those two day, while Shion gets a nose bleed. Raven then tells Shion that he will make Emma fall for him before they leave and tells him that they are no long friends but rivals. Shion then tells Raven that Emma is his wife and he will never give her away. Anise cheers for him, then one of her bells rust. Emma then asks Anise what they said but she would tell her. Luu then points to a ghost castle and what to head their. Emma then becomes scaried but Raven tells her that its harmless and cheers her up.

In the castle, Emma sees monster and becomes scaried. One of the mysterious five congradulates Piyoko's ghost. She says that her ghosts are the strongest. She begins to explain each of the monster and how many they killed. She then begins attacking them but one is taken down by Raven. He then says that he will pass with flying colors and make Emma fall for him. Luu then excited and take down another with a 10 combo hit. Shion the takes down the rest, shocking Piyoko. They then earn another stamp. The rest of the five notice that they are different from the rest. Shion and Raven then stare at each other thinks about how to complete the ritual and get Emma. Emma says that they must be close.

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