The Best Battle


saikouno tatakai
Chapter Information
Release Date February 22th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 48
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Decisive Full Power
Complete Conclusion
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The Best Battle (最高の戦い 'saikouno tatakai) is the forty-eighth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


The crowd cheers as also the people that were dead are revived and that Faust is lying unconcious. Shion is annoyed that everyone is cheering. Emma tells him that she is glad that everyone is cheering for him. Shion tells her that their all insults. Emma the hugs Shion causing him to get a nose bleed. Anise then gets the ring from Faust's mouth. Anise then asks Ain what she is doing. Ain makes Faust sign a contract that gives her his entire fortune for her helping him and reparations. Ain then pats Faust on then head tells him what has happened to him and calls him cute. Shion then asks her to tell Faust when he wakes ups, " the next time he gets into a tough situation to come over to his place. She then tells Shion that it will cost him 50 million to relaying a message, shocking Shion.

Joshua walks over to Shion and asks him to see which one is the best. Shion then insults Joshua for having to fight him in the last round. Shion then tells him that they should finish it with one shot, which joshua agrees. The crowd cheers. Caph thinks that Shion's reverse broom magic will be run out soon, and will put everything into one blow. The king thinks that Joshua power will skyrocket with Rosetta. Rosetta then kisses Joshua, awakening his power completely. Joshua then pulls out two pistol, while Anise remark that it is the same as when the Enke the second broom appeared. Shion then summons the fourteenth broom Volf. Shion then tells Emma that they are going to do it to. Emma then goes to kiss Shion but Shion pulls off the glove and activates the red sting that ties together souls, increasing his power. Shion and Joshua then begin to fight.

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