The Most Precious Treasure

Magico 15

Taisetsu na Mono
Chapter Information
Release Date June 14th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 15
Volume For You
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Praline's Blessing
Three of Perpetual Darkness
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The Most Precious Treasure (大切なもの Taisetsu na Mono) is the fifteenth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Rogue does his best to break the seal to the magical realm where Lily is held as a prisoner. But the barrier was too powerful and he wasn't able to do anything to it. Watching from behind in anger, Shion tells Rogue to move away and breaks the barrier with brute force.

After having succesfully entered the realm, Rogue soon sees Lily tied up in a tentacles. Rogue recklessly rushes towards Lily, but soon gets tangled up by the tentacles. When he tries to burn away the tentacles, Lily was damages instead. As the tentacles tangle Shion as well, he notices that the tentacles are a cursed binding magic: Realm of the Black Hands. The priest explains that the tentacles will not only attack it's opponent, but they will also transfer any damage received directly to Lily. Priest threatens that any more damage could kill her as she's at her limit after five days of torture. But Lily yells at Rogue to not worry about her and just get rid off the priest.

However, Rogue didn't listen to her and instead tells Shion to not do anything. As he didn't want to see his precious ones in pain. While Shion notices the circular seal on the altar and realize that he isn't just after the blessing. The priest tells that it was his dream. A Descent of the Cursed Words, which will modify half the magical power of Praline's Blessing with the help of the ritual. With it, it can curse people after which only the Praline's Blessing can cure. after saying that, he stabs Rogue with a thorn and threatens Lily that he will kill Rogue unless he inherits the blessing. As the blessing cannot be forcefully taken. Originally, the priest tried to blackmail Lily's mother using Lily, but she died before he could even try and also considered using Rogue in the future. After saying that he begins to stab Rogue multiple times.

Lily, who couldn't stand any further enchants the magic word to pass the blessing to Father Welte. While Rogue yells at her for doing so, Lily also couldn't stand to see her precious ones disappearing from her. As the priest prepares for the ritual, mockin at Rogue's panicking, Shion questions what is so funny about that. If he can do any of the things Rogue or Lily did with the wealth, and Shion angrily shouts not to laugh if he can't. Annoyed, the priest tries to attack Shion, but realizes that he is immobile. Shion tells that it's the straw from his broom and tells Rogue to ignite it with his flame. Rogue charges up his flame and ignites the straw as a fuse to damage the priest directly.