The Opponents I Must Defeat


watashi ga yabura nakerebanaranai teki
Chapter Information
Release Date January 11th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 42
Volume Desperately
Chapter Guide
Black Tears
Othello Death Match
List of Magico Chapters

The Opponents I Must Defeat!!! (私が破らなければならない敵 watashi ga yabura nakerebanaranai teki) is the forty-second chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Joshua and Rosetta show up as Faust was about to attack Shion. Joshua tells Shion to leave his brother alone and fight him. Faust tell him that destroy all of Shion's friends including him. Joshua explains that why should he be friends with Shion, and that a gloomy guy like him have any friends. Rosetta stops him and explains that the organizers should kick him out. Ain the gets up and tell Caph to join her husband.

The organizers tell the audiance that the tournament will continue. He continues to explain that Fuast is the finalist Latvia, and that he properly registered as a participant. Ain then jump in and explains that his wife is someone she pick up somewhere. She then says that she is his wife shocking everyone. The organizer continues to eplain that if they ruin the tournament, that would mean that they are the strongest couple. Faust the explains that he entered the tournament to give the magial house to him as a present. Joshua then tells him to shut up and pulls out a rifle.

Shion stops him and tells him that he will stop Faust and to worry about himself. Shion then attacks faust and tells him that he will protect his family and friends. Faust then says that he will not destroy them but to see Shion's power first. Faust then summons a ring. Faust then asks what game his power ressemblies.Shion replies that its Othello. Faust then explains that rules. Faust then tells him that ther rings are the prize and says the each side has six pieces. Fuast continues to says that their side will be themself and four dead bodies, while Shion and Emma's are themselfs and their friends.

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