The Sword of Oath!

Magico 21

Chikai no Ken
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 21
Volume Meteor Shower
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Sword of Oath (誓いの剣 Chikai no Ken) is the twent-first chapter of the series Magico written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


From the wound Shion had inflicted on to Gaspar, a large blade came out and damaged Shion instead. As he tells Shion that this cursed sword is a real magic sword, his face is revealed, showing a mysterious carving which shocks Shion. Shion recalls having heard about a ritual research castle which kidnapped orphans and experimented with cruel rituals. Where the children who were used as the experimental subject were branded with the "Cursed Carving". Gaspar then tells that this was an oath of four brother's reveals his past when he had to undergo a ritual, Howl of Pain by the guards.

5 years ago, Gaspar aged 16, was forcibly underwent a ritual, Howl of Pain, where one had to be slashed by a sword 10000 times. In the cell, Melchior and Balthazar are also exhausted from their excruciating rituals. The three wonder how long they have to continue like this but were interrupted by another member, Lionel. When Melchior asks what he was doing, Lionel replies saying that he was performing a ritual to become a white magician, and that he came up with it, causing Melchior to panic. As Gaspar watches the brothers having fun, he was determined to not let them end up as a killing machine.

Several days later, as Gaspar was about to complete his last slash for the ritual, he kills the guard before they could put on the mind control device. Gaspar quickly gathers his brothers and escapes from the castle using the Great Falcon. As the brothers rejoice over having escaped from hell, Lionel's conditions worsen as he slowly becomes crystallized. The brothers visit numerous famous magicians for help but gets turned down by all of them and even gets rejects by the society. Unable to find any help, Lionel dies, becoming a blade.

As Gaspar finishes his talk, he draws out a blade from the wound he received from Lionel's final moments and attacks Shion, which he barely blocks with his broom star. But eventually gets destroyed and Gaspar stabs Shion's heart and collapses.