Their Wills are Passed Down


karera no ishi ha , kudatte tsuuka saremasu
Chapter Information
Release Date February 1st, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 45
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Comet Summon
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Their Wills are Passed Down (彼らの意志は、下って通過されます karera no ishi ha , kudatte tsuuka saremasu) is the forty-fifth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Faust kicks two skulls at the trapped Juubee, Ayame, and Rosetta. Shion then saves them but loses his broom in the process. Faust then jumps up and tries to turn them into skeletons again. Shion grabs Emma and tries to flip one of the skulls but get caught by Ain. Faust then tries to turn everyone except Joshua into skeletons. Joshua then frees Shion by sacificing himself. Joshua and everyone are then turned into skeletons.

Faust then glots over his success, and saying he wants to see him cry. Shion then tells him that he is glad. Shion continues to say that he is now troublefree, shocking everyone. Fuast then yells that he wants his little brother back and that he kept all the disgusting stuff from his bed wetting, bloody handkerchief, and the tears he shed. Shion then calls him disgusting.

Faust then tries to kick him but is countered and sent back. Shion the changes to a different outfit. Anise is then shock to know that he is using that. Luu tell Musashi that Shion will save everyone. Shion then tells him that he will show him the greatest comeback.

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