To the End of a Thousand Words


1000 no go no owari made
Chapter Information
Release Date November 23rd, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 37
Volume Desperately
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Magic Rumble
Summoning the Demon God
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To the End of a Thousand Words (1000の語の終わりまで 1000 no go no owari made) is the Thirty-Seventh chapter of Magico manga seriea written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Juubee summoned a sun, shocking Emma and Shion. The sun creates an huge amount of heat causing Emma to stripe. Shion the ask Juubee why he summoned a sun. Juubee is then seen almost naked sweeting while Ayame is under her umbrella, nice and cool. Juubee responds by saying the the pillar of the family will never run away. Musashi then calls his dad awesome, while Luu tells him he's hot. The sun then starts to fall to Shion and Emma. Juubee tells then that if the hand over their rings he will undo the summon, if not they will die. He then tells then that their are thing he must protect.

Musashi tells then that he is doing it for the sake of the Moon's Night Clan. Anise says that she has heared about then and that it was the clan that founded the first magic and ritual in the orient. Shion then tells Juubee that he will not run away and that he has something to protect. Shion then summons more brooms and continues to hit the sun. Luu the smiles at Musashi. Ayame then tells Juubee that it is almost 5 minutes. They then summon viruses and infect Shion. Emma then gets a bed, ice, and soup and cures Shion. Juubee the summons a sandstorm. Shion rolls in a ball, while Ayame summons a reaper to to cut it. It turns out to be a decoy and Shion comes out in a second one and smashes the reaper. Ayame and Juubee repeatidly summon other things until they summon the last one, oni.