(トト, Toto)

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank Unknown
Magician Rank Blue Magician Blue Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 12

Toto (トト Toto) is a character written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto of Magico. He's the assistant of Garlan.


He has probably silver or blond hair wearing a Flat Cap and goggles. He resembles Shion a little but, on the hair style.


He resembles Shion as his brother and wishes that he also wants to be like him one day. He's the assistant of Garlan and carries his vase everywhere they are going. He's also his post guy, which giving him post directly to him. Toto has probably also a magic to communicate, he's the one that hold the magian ranks.

Plot OverviewEdit

Purge ArcEdit

He has been seen giving a message from Shion to Garlan.

City of Ritualists ArcEdit

He give Emma and Luu information about the ranking after that Emma heard the words "red" and "ss". He explained it but where been shutter by Luu after saying that she gets a headache by his talking.


Grandpa GarlanEdit

Toto is the assistant of Garlan. He is carrying his bottle everywhere in the city when they got something important to do. He's also his messenger.

Shion Elpihas LeviEdit

He calls Shion his "bro". He respects Shion deeply which he also calls Emma his "sis". One day he wants to be like Shion. He's teasing Shion after he has received a "Love Letter" from Emma, but is sad to see him leave.