Two Smiles

Chapter 59

tsuno egao
Chapter Information
Release Date May 16th, 2012
Arc Dark 7 Series Arc
Chapter 59
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Two Smiles (2笑顔Tsuno Egao) is the fifty-ninth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Shion flies back to Rabbit, destroying a volcano in the process. Shion says that its times to kick his ass but Rabbit tells him that he has been watching them this intire time. Rabbit continues to say that even if he gets Emma to smile, it would just look like crap and then attacks Shion. Shion summons the 27th broom, Crimson and traps Rabbit in a strong adhesive. Shion then punches Rabbit and yells at him for calling Emma's smile crap. Rabbit then says it again, which makes Shion madder. Shion then summons the 20th broom, Westphal. Rabbit then tells Shion about Pizal and then mission he gave them. He continues to says that the amusement park is a killing show for Pizal's enjoyment. Rabbit then attacks Shion. Shion tells hi that its bullshit and that their creepy smiles can't compare to Emma's smile.

In Luu's battle, She easily takes on Grandpa. He throws multiple punches but Luu easily blocks them. He then attacks again but Luu disappears. Luu is on his head and tells him that he is too slow. She then punches him off the caoster. Emma says that Luu is cool and Mr. Cat imagines what he what to make Luu look like. He then rushes off. Emma then tries to escape while Shion says that her smile is different then theirs. Emma then breaks out using the wedding dress.

Rabbit then notices that his magic is greater then Pizal's magic when Shion summons the 1st broom, Halley. Luu caughts Emma. Emma then tells Luu that she will protet her. Grandpa then jumps back up and tells them that their are no goddess that can make their strength disappear. Luu then says that she is not in the way and that she is stronger then before and that she will be stronger then anyone when she has to protect someone. Luu the attacks them while Shion attack Rabbit. Shion shatters the spae and defeats Rabbit while Luu defeats Grandpa and Mr.Cat.

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