Welcome Home

Chapter 63

o kaeri nasai
Chapter Information
Release Date June 13th, 2012
Arc Echidna Creator Arc
Chapter 63
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Deeper Than Darkness
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Welcome Home (お帰りなさいo kaeri nasai) is the sixty-third chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Noaki Iwamoto.


Emma tells him that her name is Emma and ask if he is the one who defeated Sephirot. Shion says that they are all Sephirot sages and that they were all defeated. Anise tells them to run away. Typhoeus tells Anise that the body has followed her so she has no further porpose and tries to disposes of her. Shion notices that a large amount of power is coming fromthe holein his hand. Oz summons a spear and throws it at Anise. Shion then blocks the attack with Westphal. The surrounding mages then reveal his magic to be Funeral Spear, a high level magic that was used to defeat all of them. Garnett then comments on how Shion has gotten stronger. Zodia says that he expected Shion to get stronger and that Shion is the apex he has to surpass.

The attacks then cancel each other out. Oz then asks what he is. The echidna tells him that he is Shion Eliphas Levi and that one who wishes to carry out Magico. Shion then uses the fourth broom to heal all the wounded. Shion then walks over to Anise and calls her an idiot for what she is doing. Luu then wakes up and notices Anise from the smell. Anise tells them that she is a traitor and to die protecting them is her way of atonement. Shion tells her that she is more useful then she thinks and that it would be a problem if she wasn't around and to come home. Anise then tranforms back into a black cat and jumps into Shions arms. Oz then says that Shion is the one who dirtied Anise and the body and attacks his. Shion barely managed to block with the first broom. Oz then tells him that he wishes to dirty his dream with magico and that its unforgiveable. Shion then asks him why he created the echidna. The echidna then tells him that they have been watching him since the day he was born and that their dream is the same the his.

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