editYuri, Illya and Jam

Canine magic

Character Data
Gender Male (Yuri)
Female (Illya and Jam)
Status Alive
Rank Unknown
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Yuri, Illya and Jam are former slaves in Eden, they were rescued by Shion, Emma and Anise and returned to their mother.

Plot OverviewEdit

First Ritual ArcEdit

Tortured siblings

Being tortured by the guard

A guard from Eden casts Canine Magic on the siblings giving them the appearence of a dog. The guard tortures the siblings for the entertainment of the guests by whipping them. He then offers the whip to his boss, Lord Marouni Gate who steps on them, thinking that it is entertaining for him to do it himself. The siblings is then surprised to see Shion attack Marouni and the guard.[1]

As Shion battles Marouni, Emma goes to the siblings and holds them tight.[2]

Purge ArcEdit

Reunion mother

The siblings reunited with their mother

After Shion defeats Marouni, Shion lifted the Canine magic on the siblings and returns the siblings to their mother for a tearful reunion.[3]


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